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A biocide is a chemical substance capable of killing living organisms, usually in a selective way and commonly used in fields such as medicine, agriculture and forestry. Large quantities are also used in industrial applications preventing fouling in water and oil pipelines. Biocides can be added to other materials (typically liquids) to protect the material from biological infestation and growth.

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In materials formulations antifouling agents are found in paints, glues, slurries, emulsions, lubricants, fuels, biodiesel, detergents, cosmetics, hair care, resins, coatings, paper, leather, drilling fluids, tanneries, mineral muds, pigment dispersions, tannin concentrates, textiles, and chemical-based industrial cleaning products.
We offer several different active biocide chemistries for your unique application.  We also offer testing support of your product at our manufactures state-of-the-art testing facility for best overall value optimization.
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